Non Owner SR22 Insurance

In order to drive legally in California, individuals must carry liability insurance. If you’re suspected of being uninsured, you will need to provide proof of insurance to the local DMV in order to prevent your license from being suspended. The process for proving your insurance status requires you to complete a Non Owner SR22 Insurance and send it to the California DMV.

When Do I Need to File a Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

The most common reason a person may need to file a Non Owner SR22 Insurance is if that driver has been in a car accident and did not provide proof of insurance at the scene. This may happen if you’re involved in a collision and do not file a police report afterward. It can also occur if you fail to provide an up-to-date proof of insurance card to the police at the time of an auto accident. In most cases, you only need to file an SR22 form once for an accident.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance must also be filed any time you wish to reinstate your driver’s license after it has been suspended. In this case, you would need to send an SR22 frequently to prove that you are maintaining continuous coverage on your vehicle. People with DUI convictions must file an SR22 insurance for five years after a license has been reinstated. Drivers convicted of driving on a suspended license would need to file an SR22 insurance for three years after the license is reinstated.

non owner sr22 insurance

How much is an Non Owner SR22 in California?

There is a small fee for filing your CA SR22 insurance form; it will usually cost around $25. This is a one-time fee that does not need to be repaid at the time of your policy’s renewal. As long as you do not allow your insurance to lapse, the insurance company will continue notifying the DMV of your coverage.

The SR22 CA form can be completed by your local insurance agent, or you can contact the company’s customer service department to get it sent to your local DMV.

How to Avoid Needing SR22 Insurance?

Filing an SR22 form can be a hassle. To avoid this situation, it’s always important to maintain proper insurance and always carry your insurance ID card with you. This will allow you to provide proof of insurance immediately if you are ever involved in an accident, which will save you from needing to complete the SR22. You can also prevent yourself from needing an SR22 by driving responsibly and following all laws related to driving. Specifically, you should avoid having your California license suspended for a DUI, reckless driving, or getting too many traffic tickets–all of these things will require you to get an SR22 insurance for three years.

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