SR-22s while moving in or out of state

What to Do When Moving To and From California with an SR-22

California state laws in many ways relate with the laws of other states. Others states require drivers to have licenses and to carry insurance, for example. A times though, some of the laws that govern the people of California may not apply to people of other States. The California SR 22 insurance policy requirement is one of those laws.

Leaving California with an SR-22

If you have previously been convicted of a traffic offence and have been asked to carry SR22 insurance in California, when driving out of the state, some of these laws may change. What really matters though is whether you are travelling to the other state for just a short while or a prolonged period of time. If one is travelling for just a while, then, the laws aren’t as strict. All that one is required to do is carry their SR22 while in the other state. However, if one is moving out of California to another state permanently, then, a few complicated adjustments have to be made. Firstly, one has to communicate with their insurance company and let them know that they are relocating.

If they have another company in the new state, then they can continue covering you with their policy. If not, you will need to expand your SR 22 quote search. If your insurance company can switch your SR 22 policy over to another company, be sure not to assume that the other state DMV will automatically know about the changes; you may need to apply for a license with your new state first before applying for an SR-22 with a new insurance company in that state.

Moving to California with an SR-22

The same procedure applies to someone who is moving from another state where they had to drive with an SR-22, to California. If travelling temporally, one isn’t prompted to get a new SR-22 but if relocating permanently, one should get a new SR-22 completed for California. You should notify your previous state’s insurance company that you will no longer in need their policy. Failure to do so may lead the state of California to flag you from the national database as the old state suspends your license; hence leaving you with compromised driving privileges. This can continue until you get an SR-22 with the new state.

However, if one is to maintain constant travels within the two states, they should get SR-22 from both states. Once you have completed the three year period while driving with an SR-22 though, you are free to keep your license without being mandated to keep the insurance.